This software is available for Windows and Linux platforms. For each platforms uncompress the respective file (.zip or .tar). For Linux you can also use the AppImage image, also available through


Once the program is uncompressed, run SimDSP.exe or SimDSP, depending on your platform.


SimDSP is a simulation software that provides a set of functions to implement different digital-signal-processing algorithms. This tool allows to simulate two basic signal processing approaches: sample-by-sample and block-oriented. It also provides functions to control the sampling frequency, displaying data at different formats, keyboard reading and keyboard interruption. SimDSP simulates a data acquisition card with a single input and output.

  • dsp_setup
  • dsp_loop
  • setfs
  • readADC
  • writeDAC
  • captureBlock
  • playBlock
  • println
  • readKeyboard
  • attachInterrupt