What is SimDSP?

SimDSP provides simulation of DSP algorithms written in C/C++ language by generating the necessary signals of 15-bit ADC and DAC. The programs under debugging must be written using the editor included in this software. It is not necessary to install any compiler for compiling or debugging purposes, since installers are boundle versions that includes editor, compiler and debugger.
Code Editor
SimDSP integrates a complete and easy-to-use code editor. Our editor includes syntaxes highlight, code completion and code numbering, which eases the code writing.
DSP Development
SimDSP integrates the debugging of digital signal processing algorithms in an interactive environment. Our simulator emulates the data acquisition and data writing of a 15-bit ADC/DAC, in sample-by-sample or block-processing approaches. Input signals may be selected from a wide range of options: sinusoidal, square or saw-tooth with optional additive Gaussian noise; MatLab data files; or real-time signals from the PC’s internal sound card.
SimDSP is available for Windows o 64-bit Linux platforms. All editor, compiling and debugging options are available across all supported platforms.